WWU Women’s Lacrosse is a D1, self-coached, sports club team at Western Washington University. We are part of NWWLL (Northwest Women’s Lacrosse League) and play other club teams within the league. We travel across Washington, Oregon, and down to California for a tournament throughout our season.

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WWU Women’s Lacrosse is a club team, therefore we receive limited funding from our school, as well as require dues for our players. We use funds to pay for hotels, tournaments and game fees, rental cars, amongst other expenses. We greatly appreciate all of our donors, and we are continually searching for additional sponsors and donations! If you wish to help support our team, please contact us. The donations we receive are important to us and we are so grateful! Go Vikings!

Thank you to our past donors!

  • Christine Ailts
  • Ron & Vicki Askew
  • Robert Bloomhuff
  • Tom & Laurie Chirichigno
  • Ann Cummings
  • Lewis Cuyler
  • Margery Cuyler
  • Mercer DesHarnais
  • Joe Dolan
  • Christina Dubois
  • Mark Elliot
  • Kristin Hayman
  • Jennifer Homan
  • Brian & Cathi Hultz
  • Chelsea Hultz
  • Ardis Huffman
  • Doug & Janna Johnson
  • Brian & Kara Jovag
  • Theresa Keith
  • Elizabeth Knapp
  • Brian Kohl
  • Andrew Kulak
  • Lindsey Kulak
  • Matt Kulak
  • Tony Kulak
  • North Cascades Lacrosse
  • Steve & Tina Larson
  • Sarah Marin
  • Terry McCullough
  • Stephanie McDonald
  • William McElderry
  • Floyd McKay
  • Marjorie McKay
  • Aileen O’Malley
  • Linda Orange
  • Wayne & Shannon Perez
  • William Ross
  • Dave Schreiber
  • Kelly Spaid
  • Wava Vautour
  • Mike Walker
  • Beverly Warren
  • Shaun Werle