WWU Women’s Lacrosse is a self-coached club team organized and managed by the players. We have three elected captains who function as players and coaches, plus a group of Leadership officers who handle the logistical matters. We compete in the Northwest Women’s Lacrosse League (NWWLL) as a Division 1 team, and our opponents include University of Washington, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Washington State University. There are also multiple Division 2 and Division 3 teams in our league. Some places we’ve traveled to in past years include California, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. This upcoming season we expect to travel even more. We look forward seeing you this season!


When you sign up to play lacrosse at WWU, you are making a commitment to the team, therefore we expect players to strategically manage lacrosse, school, and additional commitments. Ultimately we believe the commitment you’ve made to school is a higher priority. Some players on the team have majored in Kinesiology, Environmental Studies, Biology, Education, Community Health, Design, plus many more. The time commitment for our team is typically 2 hours, 3 days per week for team practices, and several weekends throughout winter and spring quarter when games begin.


Our off-season is in the fall, so we use that time for Fall Ball, which is a time for players to get acquainted with each other. Fall Ball is for fun, and we typically have some brand new players during the fall. We often have more players in the fall than we do in regular season. So far, we have never needed to make cuts or hold tryouts, and we are open to any level of skills on our team. However, playing time is earned through commitment, skill, and attitude. Captains may choose travel teams for some tournaments if the team has a high number of players. If you are interested in joining Women’s Lacrosse you can sign up at our table at the fall Info Fair, or send us an email!